photographs: trip to the Açores

In October of 2000 I visited my mother in the Açores (where she was living for several years) and took these photographs.

photographs: trip to Norway

In June of 2001 I travelled with my mother to meet hitherto unknown relatives in Norway. A year earlier she had learned that her genetic father was actually a Norwegian who worked at the same bank as her mother and lived nearby. After this discovery she contacted his relatives in Norway and invited me to join her on a trip to visit them. We also travelled into the arctic circle.

audio: NFB child prostitution (5.2MB MP3 file)

A friend who does sound design and musical composition among other things, hired me to do some «weird clarinet» for a short NFB film about child prostitution, intended for distribution in the public school system as a warning.

This spontaneously improvised recording consists of five raw/dry/unmodified tracks of three clarinets: two tracks of bass, two tracks of soprano (the one commonly referred to simply as «clarinet»), and one track of sopranino. It suited the imagery well.