See keyboard illustration.

physical properties

Careful attention is given to the location/arrangement/behaviour of the keys. The keyboard provides a precision interface for the hands, similar to a musical instrument.


All actuators provide as much sensitivity/resolution and separate sample streams as possible which may be filtered in various ways.

ternary modifier keys

It seems preferable to have a small number of well-placed keys and many modifiers, rather than many awkward keys and few modifiers.


It seems reasonable and prudent to maintain a buffer of keyboard input (a keystroke recorder). Among other uses, this data may feed algorithms which perform character/substring frequency analysis (and other such statistics), the results of which may be used to optimise the keymaps (keyboard layout).

The keymaps remain immediately available for display on screen when called. The physical keys may be grouped by colour, though it seems preferable that they are not permanently imprinted with specific glyphs/symbols.