I remain available for consultation/work in the following contexts, and others unlisted (i.e. I can do many things, just tell me what you want! :). I also know many proficient individuals who may augment my own services by collaboration or referral.


function & form

I aim to integrate form and function in synergistic union: to embody form as the natural expression of the function at hand, to make form work, and to intimately inform function, as each is part of a whole which remains unbalanced and inevitably impaired without attention to the other.

Much of my attention addresses the interface between resource/tool and user/operator – where function and form meet – to make things that both work well and feel good! ♡

From a natural wellspring of curiosity/creativity/imagination, tempered by reason and critical thought, I work to serve at once both hemispheres of the brain (the head & the heart, mind/body, &c.).


Typography is a large body of technique applied to the presentation/arrangement/form of text, including embedded graphical/numeric information, and the form of the page/book/media. In short, it addresses the process of reading.

Accordingly, typography aims not to call attention to itself, but to foster communication; to effortlessly/naturally expose to the reader what the author means to show; to reduce the impedance of reading.


technical/creative writing/editing

graphic design & illustration

technical/creative illustration including 3D graphics/modelling/animation

photography & video

still/moving image capture/composition/manipulation/editing


electronic/acoustic sound design/composition

WWW development

More on WWW development...

computer consulting

software/hardware troubleshooting/installation/repair/development/teaching

personal training

strength/health/happiness of body/mind


Upon request, I will provide references to others who can independently describe my relevance.