I find little to distinguish sound from music: as though music never stops, and instead, it is listening which may begin and end.

primary instrument

It seems healthy/useful/good to exercise the body in an increasing diversity of sensation/expression (input and output), for the body is the primary instrument.

I notice that my body/mind/spirit benefits from, both exposure to and production of, a diverse range of sound, especially of frequency; it helps me dissolve my numbness/pain/tension/stasis and tune in to the bliss of being.


I think everyone should make sound/music, especially with others but even alone; it simply seems healthy. As long as one is still alive, it's not too late to learn, to play, to listen. Listen and you shall hear... (and so too for any other sense, as it seems such is the nature of embodiment in this persistent stream of present process.)


Much like taking photographs, I enjoy recording interesting sounds that I encounter.

This section has been waiting a long time, and longer more, to include selections from my archive of field recordings and other arrangements of sound. I'll put some here eventually...


I used a Sony MZ-R50 MiniDisc recorder for many years, until I replaced it with an Olympus LS-10 which works very well. See input noise comparison...